Wednesday, November 11, 2009

fall fall fall

the past few days have been so crispy!
new england, or maybe just boston has had a handful of gorgeous late summery days and they've brightened my whole month up. where is the gray, soggy november i was expecting? not up here, thats for sure.

this summer was a little rough weather-wise but the fall is making up for it big time. i've been adventuring out on walks wearing tshirts, thinking about home made ice cream (in november!), and enjoying as much sunshine as i possibly can. i wasn't expecting so much from this month but so far i have gotten a fabulous wedding gift for a good friend whose wedding i am thrilled to be going to, had the most amazing beet salad on the planet (for real), done way way way better on a midterm than i deserved to or thought i would, and reconnected with a friend who i'd been feeling bad about lately. what a month. so good.

still on the list for the next couple weeks: mango cardamom jam (yes or eww?), learning how to be creative with turnips, working my way up to 1.25 miles in a swim, and really hammering out a more concrete idea for my graduate thesis.

more suggestions welcome!

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