Thursday, April 30, 2009

people who i imagine would totally get me

you should stop by jasmine's blog an experiment in poverty today. she and her boyfriend seem totally happy and sweet and you can tell from her writing that she makes an effort to be happy and to share that feeling. i love when people are intentionally positive and her good habits post is such an example of a simple way to make someone you care about feel better.
during my year as an americorps volunteer my team and i discovered that we'd gotten really good at congratulating ourselves on our accomplishments and recognizing what each of us uniquely contributed to the group. it made stressful projects so much better. would any of you think about trying to do this in your office? let me know what sort of reaction you get.
i'd love to hear about it.

i think its probably easier to think that nice, friendly, wonderful people are few and far between but maybe its just that we've gotten used to keeping all the niceness inside. so let it out.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

i guess growing up can still be fun

so, a couple weeks ago my friend lauren told me she got into a graduate program. i am so proud of her. we've been friends since elementary school and she makes me laugh harder than anyone else i've ever met. she is the kind of person that just makes everyone around her sparkle. i wish i could be more like her in that way.
she's going to become a counselor. i love it when people want to be something because it really interests them rather than because of the material benefits.

its just the beginning....

about me:
i moved to boston about 3 years ago after a great adventure, and i was convinced that the only way to live was on the edge of my seat. i've learned a lot in these last years about myself and probably a lot of things. mainly i've realized i see little things every day that i wish got a little more attention, or that i just want to share...
because i think that most of the time its the smallest things that make your day and wonder if, especially now, people don't need to spend a little more time noticing them.

i spend my time at a job that pays the bills, but i build amazing dreams in my imagination constantly. i'm convinced that someday i will be able to make them come true.

i love my friends more than anything and i would do anything for them (literally anything). i also love avocados, cupcakes (but not icing), and plants even though i have a black thumb.

so, welcome to my blog. i never really thought i'd start one of these things but i think i'm glad that i did.