Friday, May 1, 2009

advice and other things

everyone has advice to give if you ask for it. i've recently given and been given a lot advice. during these conversations a few little bits came up that i wish everyone would think about once in a while. this will be my first (of many) lists.
1. do a good job.
2. don't worry, one day all of this will be last year.
3. remind yourself of what you do really well, especially when no one else is.
its only 3 things but it seems like no matter how you're feeling there's something in this list that could maybe lead to some really great thoughts.

i hope all of you have lovely weekend plans which may or may not include brunch, friends, and lazy mornings.

the photo is from aliciabock's etsy shop. her photos are so dreamy they seemed just right for a rainy friday.