Tuesday, July 28, 2009

it will be magical, i can tell already

you will never guess what has finally happened.

probably forever ago i bought two tiny little tomato plants, mainly because i was craving a tomato salad. that was months ago. tonight i went outside and there were baby tomatoes growing on the plants. officially i am a tomato grower. man, can life get any better than this?

i dont have any pictures of the little guys yet for proof, but i am so happy to be slightly less of a terrible plant-grower than i thought i would be. it seems a little funny to already be thinking of (plotting?) the ways i will eat them. i seriously cannot wait.

Monday, July 27, 2009

weekends are the nicest ever

i have had some of the best weekends ever this month. despite the fact that summer session finals and looming, and i'm still looking for a room mate for september, and a grab bag of other things that should have left me stressed and grumpy the weekends of july have been so good. better than good.

so far this month i've:
seen amazing friends
visited 2 states other than the one i live in
seen great live music (for free!)
had the best guacamole ever
hunted for delicious veggies at farmers markets
made watermelon sorbet
explored my city
gone for great conversation walks with friends that i could talk to for days
mailed 2 cards that i've had on my to do list for ages

i am so lucky.

my friend lauren took the photo. my favorite part is that she took it while i was mid-hysterical laugh. friends are the best.
oh, hello friend is hosting a fantastic gift exchange/fun mail adventure this summer and i'm so so so excited to participate. i have loved getting mail forever and love sending it just as much. my favorite sent mail lately have been cards for good friends who will appreciate the humor of them. i cant wait to go on treasure hunts to fill my lovely package gifts, and will be on the edge of my seat to receive my own treats.