Friday, June 19, 2009

friends and (great) food

things have been crazy.... i've been a terrible writer, worse than usual. finals, new classes, maybe a new job.... there is a lot of crazy floating around my life these days, but secretly i kind of love it. at the very least it is a challenge.

i went out to dinner with my friend keith last night. i don't think i've seen him (or you) in ages. we went out to my very favorite Bangladeshi restaurant near davis square and it is impossible to be anything other than content and stuffed with food when you're there. it is the greatest.

for any of you in the new england-y area you will know that the weather lately has been not of the perfect, sunny, delightful variety. i am secretly wishing for hot summer weather more like the picture. despite this it was great to walk out to a homey restaurant with a good friend. keith was only in town for barely any time. he's extremely cool and busy, but i think its awesome when people go out of their way to maintain friendships and hang out even for sort of silly short periods of time. thanks keith!