Thursday, November 26, 2009


thanksgiving and new years are two holidays that can help you remember the best parts about your life. if you have great friends, you're thankful for them or you make a resolution to do better at keeping in touch. this year hasn't been the easiest really for anyone but maybe there's never been a better chance to take some time to be actively thankful for what we have.

i am thankful for my friends. they are funny, insightful, smart, and loyal. they are also scattered, opinionated, and exactly what i need.

i am thankful for my family. they are noisy, overwhelming, and numerous. they love me even when i'm a pain.

i am thankful for my life. it has been sometimes unpredictable and sometimes calm. it has been filled with great people, places, and food. it will be an adventure forever.

i am thankful for things i don't know yet. they will keep things interesting.

i am thankful for yoga, potatoes, the fluffy orange cat that begs for scraps on my porch (he is not homeless, he is just a beggar), on time city buses, and really great coffee. these things make my days perfect in such unexpected ways.

the picture is from park seed memories.

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